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Craig Howkins Photography Wedding Photographer Cambridgeshire UK St. Ives

I was born and raised in Northamptonshire in a quaint little town surrounded by lovely villages. Early on I have discovered my passion for photography as a creative way to express myself and share what I see with other people.

I have studied Photography and Art and Design at the Northampton College and worked as a Photographer for big British retail companies. However, this has not been fulfilling for me and I started to travel for several years.

I love looking at the photos I took during my travels: of the different countries I've visited and lived in, the cultures I got to know and of course of the people I have met on my journeys. This showed me the importance of photography as a way to preserve memories.

A common saying is “A photo can say more than a thousands words”. I think it can do much more. It can bring back memories of an event long gone and make you re-live this moment.


Exactly this is what I want to achieve with my photography: Capturing the special moments with all their emotions and the story behind them, so they can be remembered and cherished forever.


Craig Howkins Photography Wedding Photographer Cambridgeshire St. Ives UK
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