Benefits of a Post-wedding Shoot - The Post-wedding shoot of Garbine & Charly, Ibiza, 18th June

In June, I took part in the Post-wedding shoot of Garbine & Charly in Ibiza, together with Ibiza StarFilms. To be honest, I love the idea of a Post-wedding shoot. Let's face it, the planning of the wedding and the wedding day can be quite stressful. Little to no sleep the night before and often the schedule during the day is tight (preparation, ceremony, reception, toast, wedding breakfast, first dance,...). And of course, everybody is nervous on their big day. Many people find it difficult to relax in front of the camera for couple shoots and sometimes the weather is not ideal for a photo session outside.

So why not consider a Post-wedding shoot? This can be done a few days after the wedding or after the honeymoon and you can enjoy a relaxed and stress free intimate photoshoot. A complete different location can be picked, for example a nice field, park or a beach during the sunset, like Garbine & Charly did. It is a chance to put on your wonderful wedding dress and suit once more and last but not least, gives you time to breath during the wedding to spend with you family and friends.

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