Benefits of a Pre-wedding shoot - Pre-wedding shoot of Cristina and Fernando in Ibiza, June 2016

Last June I joined Ibiza StarFilms for the Pre-wedding shoot of Cristina and Fernando in Ibiza.

A Pre-wedding shoot, often also called engagement shoot, is simply a couple shoot before the wedding. Are you unsure at the moment if you would like to do one yourself? Let me outline a few benefits of it and hopefully it will help you with your decision :-) 1) Get to know the photographer and let the photographer get to know you The time I spent with you during the pre-wedding shoot allows me to get to know you better, talk about your love story and see how you interact together in front of the camera. More importantly, it enables you to get to know me better and to let me know what you like, what your preferred poses, expressions and photography style are. All this information will help me to achieve the perfect images for you. 2) Getting used to the camera A sentences I hear very often is “I am not very photogenic”. Trust me, this is not true. I think many people are just not used to be in front of the camera and feel uncomfortable which naturally reflects in the images. A Pre-wedding shoot is an ideal opportunity to “get used” to the camera and to tackle the stage fright. It will make a huge difference for your big day, when I am with you and take photos of you the whole day :-) It will not only help you feeling comfortable around me, but also in front of the camera.

3) It is a test-run for your wedding day During the wedding day itself, there is only limited time for the couple shoots because you want to spend as much as time as possible celebrating with your family and friends of course. So the Pre-wedding shoot is a perfect time to practise some poses for the wedding day beforehand and see what works and looks natural and what doesn't. This way, you will be more confident and much more relaxed on your big day. Furthermore, many brides have a test-run for their hair and make-up. Why not combining that with a Pre-wedding shoot to see how it will look on the photos? 4) Relax together The wedding planning itself can be very stressful and hectic and often goes by so quickly. Enjoy some romantic time together during the Pre-wedding shoot, relax and remember what it is all about: YOU and your love for each other!

5) Get some nice images of you It is a very obvious benefit: who doesn't love to have nice couple pictures? Or, they can also be very handy for the wedding itself: they can be used for save-the-date cards, the invitations, seating plan, guest book,...

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