The baby bump shoot with Gemma and Dave and Rosie's Christening

I have met Gemma and Dave beginning of last year shortly after their wedding via a friend from school. When they told me that Gemma is pregnant, I asked them if they would be up for a baby bump shoot. Luckily they said yes and so we meet mid of August, only a few weeks before the birth of the little one. As location, we picked the field behind their house. Unlucky for us, the farmer decided to harvest the crops right on that day. However, we found a nice spot at the edge of the field to take some lovely pictures of them. Look carefully at the pictures - you might spot a combine harvester in the background ;-) Gemma and Dave are such a lovely couple and it is a great joy to see them all excited for the next step in their lives- starting their own family. I was truly touched when they send me an email in September and let me know that the little one, Rosie, arrived and that everyone is well. I was even more touched that they asked me to be the photographer at Rosie's Christening in December, shortly before Christmas. Without thinking I agreed of course. I hope you enjoy the photos :-)

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